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Green concealers seem strange at first, but they are the perfect antidote to covering redness and pimples for a smooth, even-looking complexion. Here are 6.

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Color correcting concealers come in pastel shades to help disguise various skin issues. Here, learn all about how to use green concealer as part of your.

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How to Use Green Concealer to Hide Any and All Redness. That's where green concealer—otherwise known as color-corrector—comes into play. Simply apply the green color-correcting product to the red area after foundation, and then put a regular concealer on top.

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If you have a reddish colored pimple, green concealer can neutralize the shade and help you successfully cover up the blemish. Correct use of green concealer.

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Green concealer? What's that for? Find out why green color corrector is a must in any makeup bag. (Hint: it's great for pimples!).

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How to apply green concealer: The key is to use a small brush to apply the green concealer in thin layers precisely to the affected areas. Be sure to blend well.