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how do you upload a skin onto steam? i put it in the skins folder but i can't find it. i used Lol, it's a steam skin for xfire, not a xfire skin for steam.

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Xfire Download. System Requirements * PC with a Pentium U only have to copy this zip in skins folder. If you use Vista you have to show.

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Becasue xfire doesn't give us ANY official way of. I didn't make this skin, it was made by ESTrist ([link]) from DA, but I noticed it has been.

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Open the "Xfire Program Data" folder, then the subfolder named "Skins." This folder contains all of the skin image files you currently have.

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So.. here's some steps to get a great skin for the original xfire client! Make sure you are using the old xfire client and not that crap. If you are.

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Xfire Skin. >>. Don Fanucci: True .. I was messing around with the "Combat" Skin to get a feel for the Xfire Skinning process . I'll be working on.

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I just fixed the beautiful NVIDIA skin for Xfire. The problem was a fail in coloring the "typing" Can you make one with Killing Floor theme in it?.

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Bad Company 2 XFire Skin. ## Readme ## First: Make sure your Operation System shows Hidden Folders. What does this mean?.

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not only advertising but also includes research, live online gaming events, Xfire skins, Do you think the Xfire solution has an application within that space?.

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Just something i'm working on, do people like it? I really don't like the default skin much. [IMG] Old.