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North Pole water (water exposed to the north pole of a magnet) has a . “ Magnetizing your drinking water breaks its surface tension, making it.

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Take a strong magnet for which you intend to prepare magnetic water; (This can be either north or south pole oriented), then find a suitable tumbler that will sit on .

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Three ways to make North pole water 1. Attach a North pole magnet or a set of North pole magnetic clamps on either side of the cold water pipe. This method.

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North Pole magnetized water has been a natural tissue balancing factor for horses since the Liquids magnetized by different fields have different properties.

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As well has been discovered using magnetized water in the concrete And finally obtaining magnetized liquids only with the North Pole or only with the South Magnets must be metallic, disk shaped and get 8 up to 10 cm. diameter so that.

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The effects of the North pole (negative) and South pole (positive) Water can be re-magnetized by passing it through pipes which have.