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Mole Day is the official holiday of chemistry. In honor of Avogadro's You will be required to create a mole using one of the mole patterns. Your mole should be.

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Make-A-Mole Pattern. I. ELN. What is a mole? mole concept is so important in chemistry. Concept e Mole. HRT. Pins. Eyes, 2. Fabric or felt (for body and feet)*.

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Let's make a mole! Celebrate Mole Day, and encourage creativity in your chemistry class as students sew a mole—using the mole pattern and easy-to- follow.

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p.m. As you do this project, you will find out just how important “moles” are to chemistry. Make sure all mole food has its proper mole labels.

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The unit “mole” is used in chemistry as a counting unit for measuring the amount of two different categories) and make a 14" by 22" poster for each problem.