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The first thing to remember if you want your ragworm to stay alive for longer Where possible, keep your ragworm wrapped in their newspaper.

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keeping ragworm alive Wrap the worm in fresh newspaper daily removing dead or in the shed in a cool box will do this time of year!.

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Keeping Ragworm Alive Long Term - posted in Sea Fishing: I'm fed up with paying high prices for ragworm and it would also be nice to store.

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if they are farmed its a nightmare how ever if they are dug you can keep them up to a about 6 months by keeping them in a tank system the.

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RAGWORMS - Can be kept alive fairly easily in a shallow tray with a material dries ragworms out and is an efficient way to keep them for.

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Biggest worm in the range is the spectacular king rag (nereis virens), the . is as useful in the winter as in summer to keep bait fresh and alive.

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Keeping ragworm for longer than this involves keeping them in water. excellent float fishing bait as the wriggling tail attracts fish which are active in mid water.

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Hi lads. I was out digging for lug the last day and was lucky enough to find a few rag.. I put them in peat dampened with a bit of salt water and.