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ROD BEARING TANGS. The grooves in the rod big end and cap and the protruding tangs on the rod bearings exist to facilitate bearing installation and are not.

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When installing main engine bearings and connecting rod bearings, that each connecting rod and main bearing cap is properly identified by.

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The connecting rod bearings are used to protect the crankshaft and the rod bearings in engine, you do need to remove many bolts, nuts and caps. are ready to put back everything together, use a series of plastic containers where you can.

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The bearings have a small notch on either end. These notches should be opposite of each other when the rod and end cap are put together, NOT on the same.

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Remove the rod cap with the bearing shell, Completely clean the bearing of the lower bearing shell, then install the cap with shell and torque the bolt or nuts to.

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7. Install bearing cap in position on connecting rod. Ensure that the identification numbers you previously are stamped on the same side, of the rod and rod caps.

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Join the experts at Circle Track as they sweat the details of a crankshaft and rod- bearing installation.

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Identify Matching Caps. Ensure matching connecting rod and main bearing caps are identified with the correct position number before they are removed from the.

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Connecting Rod Bearings - Install SMCS Code: Installation Procedure NOTICE Install lower connecting rod bearing (5) in connecting rod cap (8). 7.

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When installing the crankshaft bearings (mains or rods) be sure everything is tab go on the center main bearing cap before installation, also with the white.