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Where do I put my init file? On Windows, file may be called _emacs for backward compatibility with.

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There are several distributions of binaries of Gnu-Emacs for MS-Windows to choose from, see.

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See answers Emacs: What's the best version of emacs for Windows 7? Click on download emacs which shall direct you to -

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Download windows binaries here: s are usually linux sources, so you'll have to compile it if you download that.

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As mentionned in the comments, their installation is pretty much the same across Windows 8, and 10 computers, but I prefer a slightly.

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Bit GNU Emacs for MS Windows with optimization.

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This is the official GNU Emacs, build for Windows by Free Software On Debian/ Ubuntu, to check available emacs package version for install.

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These notes summarize some of my discoveries (re-)learning GNU Emacs. I installed Emacs in C:\bin\emacs and created an environment variable.