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This is how to do it in Windows XP: Run (⊞Win + R) regedit; Press Ctrl + F; Make sure Keys, Values, and Data are all selected; Type in Sound.

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Sometimes we need to enable sound in safe mode while doing troubleshooting as services of sound device either have a conflict with any.

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Safe Mode does not load drivers beyond the base configuration needed to run Windows. You have a mouse, keyboard, and basic video. The reason for Safe.

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I want to know how to play sound in safe mode so i can still use the computer while running windows. Edited by inkoalawetrust, 14 December.

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If you can't enable your computer's sound driver normally, turning it on while in Windows Safe Mode provides a workaround. In Safe Mode, Windows runs only.

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this file will allow you to anable sounds on safe mode. This item does not appear to have any files that can be experienced on

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I have to use safe mode right now, having hard disk error problems in hence; you will not hear any sound from the computer in this mode.

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How to enable sound in windows7 safe mode??? It wont let me because i get the error that i cant do this, because im in safe mode. Which is.