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I've been very interested in becoming more involved with the tribunal system. I was wondering if anyone knows what I need to do to be able to.

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the Tribunal from the LoL website. Whenever I want to try a few cases I have to go to google and search for "League of Legends Tribunal".

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Well, if the community actually cared, then I don't think the Tribunal would have been considered such a joke. I hardly do it because of the fact that most likely, I'll .

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Aug 23, Let's talk about the Tribunal, plus poros, Runeterra, and Face of the like Tribunal comes with two huge drawbacks that are really tough to get.

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The Tribunal was a system introduced in May by Riot Games Inc. to help Summoners could also see how many toxic days they have prevented and how.

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Aug 24, To all the League of Legends players crazy enough to actually believe that the Tribunal would someday return, we have some bad news for.

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Aug 15, If the Tribunal determines, in its sole discretion, that you have violated . LOL, last time I sent a ticket to support because I felt it was going to be.