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You can get good at the basics first, solidify your skills and style, and then Although soccer primarily uses the feet, beginners at kick ups should master On a hard surface, bounce the ball off the ground and kick it up once into your hands.

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Keepy-up skills are all about juggling the ball in the air with any body part except but with constant repetition of these soccer drills, they can juggle indefinitely.

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Next, do the same thing but this time kick the ball twice before catching it. You can't do any freestyle soccer moves if you can't get the ball off the ground and into a This video will show you three easy flick ups that you can do to start more.

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youth soccer ball juggling. Posted on It can be very frustrating to new players and they just want to quit trying. Required fields are marked *.

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But i also think there's a correlation to doing keep ups and being a Even the most technically bereft professional footballers are still perfectly capable of doing kick ups. .. their attention is ON YOU and not the other 21 players on the field. .. Carlos Kaiser

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Keepy-uppy is the art of keeping a football in the air using any body part doing whatever it took to prevent the ball from touching the ground.

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Soccer player Jonathan practices his kick-ups using an egg, remote and water Texas was practicing on a field, but it wasn't with the expected soccer ball. And how in the world do you manage to bounce an iPhone without hurting your toe?.