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Change the Comment Shape. Add a bit of Watch the video, to see the steps for in Excel or later. Written.

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When you add a comment to a cell, Excel automatically uses the Tahoma style font in size 9. You can change the formatting for a comment or change the default .

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Change the default author name of all new comments with configuring Excel or you can click the Office button > Excel Options > Popular in Excel 2.

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In default, the comment format in Excel is shown as below, and if you want to change this default comment format to more colorful and lively in Excel, you can do.

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Adding a comment does not change the overall appearance of the worksheet. Follow these steps to add a comment to a cell in an Excel worksheet.

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What are comments and how we can identify the comments in Excel. To change the author name we have to edit the comment box of the cell. Screenshot // Changing the Name of the Cell Comments Author in Excel