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Calculating the number of workdays between two distinct dates can be a pain to do, manually. However, Excel has a great function that will.

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To calculate the number of workdays between two dates, you can use the NETWORKDAYS function. NETWORKDAYS automatically excludes weekends, and it.

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It returns a date 15 workdays from now, excluding weekend So, we are adding two more conditions to our formula: . we want to know how many dates patients are served between.

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Count / Calculate the number of workdays between two dates with formulas of weekdays or weekends between two given dates, Kutools for Excel's Formulas.

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Learn how to get the day of the week of a date in Excel and how to get the number of weekdays/workdays between two dates.

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The NETWORKDAYS Function is used to calculate working days in Excel between two dates. The number of weekends are automatically excluded.

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Calculate specific WEEKDAYS between two dates. Pin It! Author: Oscar Cronquist Article last updated on October 31, If you want to count specific weekdays like for example Mondays and Download Excel *.xlsx file.