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See all of the toll roads in Indiana! Calculate the prices of your trip to Indiana today. ✓ Bridge Tolls ✓ Tunnel Tolls ✓ Toll Roads.

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The Indiana Toll Road, officially the Indiana East–West Toll Road, is a tolled freeway that runs Longtime version of the Indiana Toll Road's logo, still in use on many guide signs on the ITR and Chicago Skyway. Older version. The Indiana Toll.

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This is a list of toll roads in the United States (and its territories). Included are current and future .. Indiana[edit] Including I between Minneapolis and St . Paul, I in to Maple Grove and many more roads. The Mn PASS lanes have been.

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Indiana Toll Road toll calculator, vehicle classes and reference information. Get toll costs, travel How many axles (including trailers)?. ▽ SELECT AXLES.

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Indiana Toll Road map and exit list, including individual exit maps, service plazas , traffic, and cameras, where available. Plus, hotel and dining options.

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The Indiana Toll Road is operated and maintained by ITR Concession Co. LLC. The ITRCC is responsible for maintenance, repair and operation of the Indiana.

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The Indiana Toll Road serves as a critical transportation link between traffic artery in northern Indiana connecting the many important metropolitan areas of the.