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SAT test scores follow a normal distribution. This means that student performance tends to cluster around the middle of the scale. Far fewer.

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We explain the full SAT score range and how to find ranges for specific According to data collected by the College Board, the average SAT score is A 25th-percentile score means that 25 percent of incoming students to a.

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PSAT, SAT Subject Tests, Score Choice, and Skills Insight are trademarks owned by the College Board. explain that this means they're right on track to be ready . A student's percentile rank represents the percentage.

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SAT scoring isn't a mystery. See how scores are calculated and what they mean. What New Scoring Means to You. There's no more penalty for guessing.

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Not sure what all those numbers on your SAT score report are? We tell you what they mean and what they can tell you about your test.

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The SAT along with the ACT are the primary entrance exams used by An average score had been roughly points per subject area for a total of

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This number is often referred to as your “SAT score” and is the sum of two For instance, if you score in the 90th percentile, it means you scored higher We've covered the score breakdowns for the test sections as you saw.