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Sep 8, Want to make her happy? Try any of these 10 things to change things up and make her love you so much more.

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Do you want to be the perfect partner for your girlfriend? There is more to making girlfriends happy besides showering them with gifts. But I haven't seen my boys in a while, and I was hoping to catch a movie with them this weekend. Do you.

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Feb 5, Here are 40 little things you can do for her to make her happy (and she will be bragging to all of her girlfriends about what a wonderful man she has. I have left notes for my man in the plastic bag that I put his sandwich in.

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Use these 20 great ways on how to make your girlfriend happy to do that, every When your girlfriend is around you, it doesn't matter who or what is around.

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Jul 29, Everyone gave so serious answers here. Well i would like to answer in a sarcastic way. I have no intention to hurt the sentiments of woman. First lets see " HOW.

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Jul 26, Now, the next level is to make your girl happy. . fall or rocks break, you REMEMBER THE DATES - the date on when your relationship started.

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Your protective streak will help you make your girlfriend happy. When your girl feels secure around you, she'll feel like you are someone she can depend on.