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There are many vampire name quizzes out there, but this is the only one with names that reflect your personality and descriptions that are (i hope) True to life!.

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this quiz will tell you what your vampire name is!sorry it would be a lot more descriptive and creative but i was almost done with it and the power.

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Also, Twilight pretty much killed my love of vampires, but I'm making a vampire quiz anyway!!:D $1I created the names for my stories. Pronunciation is included.

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A female version will be available in a few days. Take this quiz! What outfit would you most likely wear? If your Girlfreind had a bad day, what would you do to.

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Take this quiz! One of the most attractive traits in a man is: What's your secret weapon? of vampiree we will be, but everyone has their own unique name for their vampire selves. remember this is just for fun. uibblo Membership is FREE!.

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Lots of people have made these already but I just thought of really amazing names So check it out! Take this quiz! Whats your main outfit of the day?.

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The title says it all, and btw these arn't like the twilight sparkle fairies ppl cal vamps, these r the HARDCORE vamps! XP.