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next message and manually dialing in the contact's number, or deleting the to delete all my contacts because none of my text are going out.

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Ive topped up my phone but can't send texts. I'm getting error code If your texts are going through to Irish numbers, then there are no.

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Some outgoing texts are not going displaying a red triangle with an exclamation mark in it.. In the message details it says Error code: 1. Long sms (longer then 3 texts = characters, first special symbols or letters from each text uses 90 characters) is send like MMS.

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SMS error codes are sent at each stage of the delivery process. Going forward, whenever your text message does not reach its destination.

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Many iPhone owners who have the carrier AT&T have experienced the infamous “Error invalid number” texts, and wonder what they are about.

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Today, I tried texting again, and I get this error message: "+1 (1) I know the number is correct, because I called the person and the call went.

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I'm getting this error message in the details of each text message I send to only one person in my contacts error code what does that mean? When I go on the app informations and that I delete the app datas, the.

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EZ Texting makes it fast & easy to send bulk text messages within To confirm that text messaging is enabled on your account, go to the device.

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Anytime I try and send a text message and I get an error "can't send with card 1, Error code 21". Also, I can not make calls, I get a automated.

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Texting is one of the most important things your device does to keep you connected. Check our help below if anything isn't working. For info on our.