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Ekonomika, vadībzinātne. The theory of taxation and public economics / Louis Kaplow. . Hove, East Sussex ; New York: Routledge, . how knowledge management is changing the way we do business / Carla O'Dell, Cindy Hubert.

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ĽUDSKÝ KAPITÁL A LOKÁLNY EKONOMICKÝ RAST NA SLOVENSKU. OLIVER ), medical domains (Cindy et al, ; Isabelle et al, ). services have been performed by the St. Louis Public Library, the State Library of.

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Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze As president and CEO of Cornerstone Research, Cindy Zollinger directly supervises 24 people. .. It is the largest technology company in Europe, the Middle East, and Russia. .. Lou Russ's style involved physically feeling and duplicating the rhythm being tapped by his teacher.

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Speaking at a Middle East conference in Poland, Pence accused Iran of being the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism, adding that it was.

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Hsuan-Yu Hsu, Feng-Hsu Liu, Hung-Tai Tsou and Lu-Jui Chen. () ( ) Deconstructing B2B, co-creation and service deployment in East Asia: evidence from Taiwan and PRC manufacturers. Asia Pacific .. Ekonomika poljoprivrede , Cindy Yunhsin Chou, Ja-Shen Chen and Yu-Ping Liu. () .

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Olga Gennadyevna. In: Spatial Economics=Prostranstvennaya Ekonomika. (). Lacoeuilhe, Jerome ; Lombart, Cindy ; Louis, Didier. In: Post-Print.

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Denitrification is a critical process regulating the removal of bioavailable nitrogen (N) from natural and human‐altered systems. While it has.

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Reasonably high groundwater denitrification rates are also predicted for the southern and central United States as well as parts of East Asia.