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"East Jesus Nowhere" is a song by the American punk rock band Green Day. .. The MTV Video Music Awards took place on September 13, , at Radio The true Nullarbor is the light tan semi-circular area adjacent to the coast.

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East Jesus Nowhere. #GreenDay - East Jesus Nowhere Greenday, Billie Joe Armstrong Cause it doesn't have a shirtless Billie Joe Jason White, True Fact.

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Green Day and Will Ferrell - East Jesus Nowhere. r/videos .. View photos of Green Day from Australian MTV Music Awards. Sam White . He is a true artist.

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I'm sure 21 Guns, Know Your Enemy, and East Jesus Nowhere are fine bits " This unique deal with MTV creates a true partnership with Green.

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"East Jesus Nowhere" is a song written and recorded by the American punk rock band Green Day. It is the third single from the group's eighth studio album, 21st.

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Someone told me that one of the snippets is some MTV presenter saying radio" in Japanese, I have no idea if that's actually true though. lol.