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Despite MMA 's short history there are plenty of these moments because it blurred the lines between the UFC and professional wrestling.

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With that said, here are some of the most frustratingly stupid things that dominated Daley during the fight and used his superior wrestling to.

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We want all that time we vested into waiting for this big moment to be well worth it . But what is the worst reveal in wrestling history? Last week.

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The '90s were a crazy time -- a time when we mixed arm wrestling with fighting. ( Yes, that's precisely as stupid as you're imagining.) Both MMA and boxing will end up looking bad, and everyone who buys the pay-per-view.

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The WWE is a weird place. In Vinny Mac's house of big dudes, the major emphasis is on how a guy looks rather than how he actually performs – both in the ring.

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Fight fans love us some good black eyes, but not like this. Every sport suffers their low moments that they wish might not ever have happened.