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Doctor Who/Harry Potter Crossover Fic Rec First of all: There are almost no decent DW/HP crossover fics. These are ones I enjoyed. Some are.

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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Doctor Who, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add your own favorite fanfic to the.

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In these 10 Doctor Who crossovers you'll find everything from the popular finished, we decided to dedicate today's crossover fic recs to all things Whovian. Summary: Harry Potter faces a boggart that doesn't turn into a.

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I've barely scratched the surface of Doctor Who fanfiction, since I don't have a huge So here are a few recs for stories that I've enjoyed. Four, Sarah and Harry land on another new world – a thoughtful little ficlet that.

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Story Recs: This is a gorgeous romance story between the Doctor and Martha. As an avid Harry Potter fanfiction reader, I was already familiar with how to.

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DOCTOR/NURSE FIC REC: fics where Harry, Louis, or both are either doctors or nurses. Green Jello (2k) In Liam's defense, he'd mostly been.

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The fantastic thing about the Doctor Who universe is that it can fit in just about anywhere! Harry Potter AU Tags: eleven, fic rec, nine, rose, ten, ten ii.

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All my previous recs posts for this comm have been only tasters for each era rather than Lovely, fun fic with Four encountering Captain Jack. nother false landing by the TARDIS sees the Doctor, Sarah and Harry stranded and separated on.

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A dark and Doctor-less UNIT AU crossover, which is very well-written and not without hope. It's also an especially good Harry story – well-characterised, and not.

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Story Title: Man-Whores and Wealthy Women Author Name: honorh Category: Doctor Who Story Url: Story Link Content Rating: Teen Status.