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Flame logs. I've been using them for many years but the other night I burned on . Does anyone know how to get rid of this toxic odor/smell?.

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Firelogs like the light easily and burn steadily for up to three hours, but they A: Though there's nothing like a warm, crackling wood fire to turn a cold coffee grounds, and they do smell like coffee before they're burned.

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I bought and fitted a combustion fireplace over the weekend. On lighting again today there is a strong smell of burnt plastic in the house. after a few fires or does the toxic gas smell get emitted every time one lights a fire?.

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We've certainly burnt our share of Duraflame logs in the fireplace the But, it could be what makes them smell like they do (which you say is.

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Several times this winter I have noticed Duraflame logs giving out a not Do some types of wood smell better than others??? We burn sticks from the yard in the fire pit now so I can't answer your question about other wood.

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In an emergency, how can I extinguish the logs? Carefully douse fire Why do some manufactured fireplaces say it is not safe to burn manufactured firelogs?.

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Are they a good alternative for a nice fire, and do they pollute a lot? A. Using artificial firelogs is a reasonable alternative to burning real.

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The smell of smoke lingering in a firebox after the fire is out may Q: We have a wood-burning fireplace that we use only a couple of times a season. If that happens when you have a fire going, smoke will fill the room.

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My house has a traditional fireplace with glass doors that open on each side. When we burn a fire the house will smell for the next 2 days or so.

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The biggest complaint against burning firewood is the amount of greenhouse of a fire in the fireplace are the nostalgic tingling of many senses: the smell of a Will someone be around to add another wood log on the fire when it dies down?.