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You may try like this: sel * from table A where date = date '';. Since in ANSI standard form (must be preceded by the keyword DATE).

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i can ge basic queires of Teradata especially with date in where condition. there's only one recommended way to write a date, DATE followed by a string with 'yyyy-mm-dd' format (Standard SQL): Regarding date calculations, most SQL Server syntax can be easily converted, what are you looking for?.

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But,If I give only 12 out of 16 Date values Report is working fine. If the format is YYMD, then you don't need quotes and slashes unless the backend Admin, MRE,self-service; adapters: Teradata, DB2, Oracle, SQL Server.

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TERADATA SQL Assistant modifies the DATE column and display in If DATE is then TERADATA will save it in integer format and.

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BETWEEN operator can be used for the date types which are in different formats. General syntax: SELECT column FROM table WHERE date_column.

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Formats x as an ISO string. x can be date, timestamp, or timestamp with . This SQL-standard function uses special syntax for specifying the arguments.