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Hi guy! Think about the power of plants! You should find some red berries arround the camp. Eat them or craft a red beef soda with them, and.

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You can only destroy barricades when you can make explosives such as explosive molotov or arrows. Just progress with the storyline, Kovac.

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theres limited info about these. are they new alternate game modes accessible from the main menu or are they new things added into the main.

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Component, Tool, Result. Bone · Rusty Machete · Bone Blade Component, Tool, Result. Wooden Stick · Rusty Machete · Classic Arrows.

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Survival Machete Wooden Barbed Wire Barricade . Adding on the ones I found: These are all from S-Rank Hard mode in Co-op, Base.

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Metal Gear Survive tosses away stealth and politics in favor of Guns and ammunition are initially scarce, forcing players to rely on crafted spears and rusty machetes. It doesn't help that the story mode's early game is a genuine slog where the player must kill goats or gather wood to build barricades.