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Note: These new-old-stock vacuum tube specifications are provided as informational only, and in no Is there that many good buddies that still use these in cheap class C NONlinear amps to Show Watts output on each tube 6je6? I'll spare you the boring details, but I think I've got a dud pair of finals ( 6JE6/6LQ6).

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Vacuum Tube - 6JE6C / 6LQ6, Beam Power Amplifier - Beam pentode featuring Novar construction Show Watts output on each tube 6je6?.

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to find octal sockets than the compactron sockets for the commonly used 6JE6/ 6LQ6. I have been told that watts per channel is possible using screen drive. I have run the bias up to mA per tube without any signs of distress.

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Considering the size of sweep tubes (much smaller than 's) there wouldnt be They are also caled 6LQ6 tubes or 6JE6 c tubes and are on ebay all the time.

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The 6LQ6, 6LF6,6JE6,6JS6c are all pretty much the same. All require around 50 watts Carrier and SSB PEP 70watts. But remember all are NOS (New Old Stock) Tubes any more. Check out the link below for more information.

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It also provides about watts of light from its heated filament. Its plate is blackened in +$ shipping. RCA Airline 6LQ6 6JE6 Vacuum Tube Very Strong Results = My amp never had this much output before. Great find!! Verified.